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Meet Lily Laidlaw- founder and principal photographer at Lily Laidlaw Photography

“All you need is love”…  and a photographer who can help you compose the best possible images to capture all of your joyful emotions. I am a true romantic and have been enthralled with love, weddings, and profound human connection for as long as I can remember.
I currently reside in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada, but have significant wanderlust and feel honoured that my career as a professional photographer enables me to work on-location shooting destination weddings, elopements, and other important milestones.

I've always enjoyed connecting with people and watching them evolve, and I believe that this is why my transition to fine art photography happened so naturally. My dedication and discipline to the arts - whether this was when I was studying music & education in university or dance, fine art, fashion & design in my earlier years, has provided me with essential foundational skills. Pursuing excellence in artistic transformations eventually led me to pursue a career in photography that allows me to document the beauty of human connection through my lens. My background as an educator and an artist has also enhanced my ability to connect and communicate with my clients; guiding them into poses that feel natural, making them feel at-ease, and also leaving space to observe and capture meaningful spontaneous moments.

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Our rescue cats and dogs are our children in fur coats. We currently have 2 of each and I am still trying to convince my husband that we have room to get a fifth.... but I may not win that battle unless we move to an acreage.


Always Chasing the next big powder day

Alberta and British Columbia are home to some of the best alpine skiing destinations in North America. I grew up on those mountains, and experiencing a fresh powder day is pure bliss, to me!


believes blush is
a neutral.

It is no surprise that my mini-me, Kaiya, informed me the other day that her favourite colour is pink! Now I just have to teach her to add blush to her vocabulary. 

"“All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.”

- Chris DeRubeis

I believe in changing the world through mind-set and actions as well as following my heart. From sipping a gorgeous Brunello on a palazzo in Italy to adopting as many rescue animals as I can, honing language & cultural skills through a study-abroad term in Germany, refining my skills as a classical & jazz pianist & vocalist along with adventuring and viewing the most incredible destinations around North America, Europe, and South-East Asia & beyond -- emotion, meaning, and compassion go into everything I do. 
As a courageous creative with a university education focused on the arts as well as a decade-long career in music education, I put a high value on soaking up natural elegance, honing in on the finest details of my craft, and ultimately, living life to the fullest. I make it a priority to create every day and use travel and adventure- as well as my daughter- to fuel my inspiration. My education combined with a worldly mindset and enjoyment of the finer things has led me to find a unique approach in photography. On top of that, my empathetic and intentional personality reflects modern, romantic sophistication combined with old-world charm, which shines through in my art and how I connect with people.
It is through a deep desire to help create beautiful, joyful moments and also capture spontaneous, natural human emotion that has resulted in the founding of Lily Laidlaw Photography. As both a local Alberta photographer as well as an international destination photographer, I look forward to helping you create a uniquely beautiful vision that captures your most cherished memories.

Meet The Associates of LLP

My team works very closely with me at all of my weddings, and I have personally trained them to match my style, brand, and client experience. Because LLP associates are such an integral part of helping me create the wedding experience that you have come to expect from Lily Laidlaw Photography, I no longer offer single-photographer wedding collections except for in the case of micro weddings and elopements (and I still highly recommend a second photographer in these cases as well!). These talented photographers are not typical 'second shooters' that I call when my couples request two photographers to capture their wedding day. As the lead photographer on my team, I plan the wedding timeline, scout the locations, pose and communicate with my couples, and shoot all of the photos from the primary angle. My second photographer plays a vital role in capturing all of the other essential angles simultaneously to highlight different aspects of a single moment that cannot be re-created later in the day. Another important aspect of their roles is during the reception when we are working in different in-door lighting situations' in order to create beautiful dynamic lighting with flash photography (as opposed to the harsh on-camera flash) my associates are constantly moving my gear set up around so that I never have to stop shooting. Since we work together all year, my team and I have developed seamless methods of communication, often knowing what the other one needs without even having to say it. I want you to soak in all the extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime memories you will make on your big day without worrying about anything related to your wedding photography. Trust me; this day will go by so fast! But we will be there to support you and savour every moment!

Meet Chelsea - Lead Associate Photographer

Photos are memories that last a lifetime.

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I am excited you're here! This team is enthusiastic, hardworking and full of big dreams; I couldn't imagine walking this journey with anyone else. 

When I am not behind the lens, I am a mom to an amazing little boy named Everett. My family loves being outdoors; we travel to the Rockies and explore the great River Valley as often as possible. We love picnics and watching our little boy explore the world.

Originally from Ontario, I moved to Edmonton in 2018. My educational background is in Nursing and Dental. What led me to photography? My passion started when I was about ten years old, and I held my first disposable camera. Taking photos was important to my family because there were so many of us, and everyone grows up in the blink of an eye. It all started with my Grandma and her Sister. They always had a camera in hand, making sure not to miss a single moment. There are piles of family scrapbooks, photo albums, frames covering walls; they did not miss a single moment of my childhood. Thinking back to those days, I had no idea that I would end up on a "dream team," helping others capture their fleeting memories.

Being able to tell a story through photography is why I love what I do. The chemistry, the love, the genuine connection you witness make you feel alive. I truly cherish these moments as if they were my own. People become family, and you feel like you're a part of their story.

This opportunity has been such a blessing, and I am forever grateful for the chance to be part of something extraordinary. Let us help you capture memories that will last a lifetime!

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."
– Aaron Siskind.

Meet Kennedy - Associate Photographer

I believe less is more and beauty can be found in so many things!

Hello friends️!

​My name is Kennedy, and I am honoured and excited to be working alongside Lily and Chelsea to capture your story.

I have been married for seven years to my husband Ronnie and have a two-year-old daughter named Kinley. Life is never dull, slow, or boring; in addition to working full-time for a toddler, I also work casually in corrections as an LPN while finishing my nursing degree to become an RN. My full-time job is operating a private care facility with my Mom, which houses and provides care for individuals with physical and mental health needs. 
My husband and I are both suckers for pets, and both dream of having a hobby farm with rescued animals of all types! Two years ago, we both decided to go vegetarian and have been exploring many wonderful plant-based recipes and restaurants. I love to cook and create new dishes, and my favourite spice is garlic powder, as it goes with everything! 
My favourite season is garage sale season, and when that is over, I love thrift store shopping! I am a bargain girl and enjoy the hunt for an ultimate deal! I love being outside, even if it results in 400 mosquito bites. Some of my go-to things include kayaking, rollerblading, hiking, and enjoying happy hour on a patio. I love being creative and making things look pretty - This is what pulled me to photography: the ability to design and bring a vision to life. 

My motto: "It's A Good Day, For A Good Day" I always strive to create good for others and myself and want to make each day count.


"Photography is a love affair with life."




Life's sweetest moments are the ones spent with those you love most, whilst sipping a glass rosé of course. 



Photos don't belong on your phone.
They belong on your walls, in your wallet, and taped to your mirror forever.


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